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Our Inspection Services

Exterior of building

While carrying out an inspection, we initially examine the exterior of the building which often includes timber framing, stairs, verandas, patios, decks, balconies, chimneys and many more things…

Interior of Building

Inspection of the interior of a building includes extensive moisture testing in respect to the corresponding cladding system that was used in construction of the walls, windows, doors, etc.

Roof Space

While Inspecting the roof, we check the roof framing system as well as the roof exterior which also includes insulation, party walls, external vents, roofing materials, gutter, dong pipes and many more things.



With pre-purchase Building Inspections being limited solely to non- destructive methods of inspection it is essential the consultant engaged in undertaking this responsibility has a sound understanding of the correct methods of construction, product failures and industry standards. All inspectors from Auckland Building Inspections are fully competent, trained and qualified consultants previously constructing 40-50 homes annually who currently specialise solely in pre-purchase Building Inspections.

What We Investigate



What the problem area or defect is during our our building inspection process.



Where the problem or defect is located within your building.



How the defect will affect the house if it is not repaired, and any potential consequences for the future.



Why the problem or defect was highlighted, and it’s importance to your health, safety and finance.


Due to the wide range of products, materials, components and cladding systems found to be dysfunctional in recent years, banks and other lending institutions also take a keen interest in the content of professionally prepared building reports eager to ensure their investment is secure. Having prior knowledge of faults,defects and product failures can potentiate a price reduction in regards to the home you wish to purchase or a reduction of a tender for a property sold at an auction.

Extreme care is taken when preparing pre-purchase building inspection reports to ensure you are fully informed of all faults, defects and product failures at the time of inspection. Included within our comprehensive building report to you is written information on how you can inspect yourself for added concerns that may arise in the future. It is understood that we are one of the only pre-purchase building inspectors providing this valued information and recommend clients retain a copy of our reports for future reference and assistance.

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Our Core Values


Safety is the most important when it comes to our core values. It is our first priority.


Involvement in and supporting the local community is where our heart lies.


Auckland Building Inspections is committed to green building and sustainable use of resources.


We have operated with an unwavering commitment of honesty and integrity.

Who Are We?

Why take unnecessary risks in an industry were product failures have been extremely common in recent years. One of the most common concerns identified to the public in recent years has been the structural integrity of framing timbers especially where untreated timber has been used. This is more commonly known as a ‘leaky home’. This can often be detected around showers, laundries and at times kitchen floors. 

If this or similar concerns are detected, you would have an opportunity for negotiation towards a price reduction. Risks should be minimised when purchasing a home which is often the most valuable family asset. Ensure the home you intend to purchase has been professionally inspected by a fully qualified consultant specialising in pre-purchase building inspections. This will give you a peace of mind knowing you have all the necessary information to make an informative decision.


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“Keith was very helpful when I called him to get a quote. He wasn’t pushy at all like previous company’s I had spoken to.”

Keith was excellent in explaining his findings to me by phone and detail report. I have been saved a lot of money by not proceeding with purchase of the property as a result of those findings. Keith was extremely helpful and patient throughout the inspection and delivered the best customer service I have received in a long time.
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