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About Us

NZ Certified Home Inspector from Auckland Building InspectionsAccording to the news media potential home, buyers are racing to purchase residential properties failing to procure pre-purchase Building inspections despite it being evident many were poorly constructed and maintained. Many of those avoiding pre-purchase inspections were reported to be paying well over the true value of properties in need of significant work and costly remedial work and repairs.

While the home you have selected for purchase may appear appealing when viewed at face value, the excessive cost may be involved restoring hidden faults, defects, product failures and evidence at the shady workmanship. A newspaper article advised a large number of homes sold in recent years have effectively been ‘do ups’ marketed or sold at auctions well above the true valuation and were very much in need of extensive maintenance.

Many home purchases have been pressured into accepting rush decisions resulting in paying too much for properties where serious issues, defects and product failures have been identified after taking procession. Our responsibility to you is to ensure the property you purchase is unaffected by structural concerns, poor workmanship, inadequate maintenance of structural components and services as well as ensuring excess moisture is not affecting the structural integrity of framing timber.

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What we do for you?

005-300x200Purchasing a pre-used home is in many ways similar to purchasing a second-hand car. You need as much accurate information as possible and advice from a professional to allow you to make an informed decision.

Knowing where and how to look for matters of importance when attending pre-purchase inspections takes numerous years of experience both in the construction industry and the inspection of existing homes. This involves having in-depth knowledge as to the suitability of material components and services as well as ensuring they have been installed and maintained in a correct and efficient manner. To attend this at the highest level of efficiency takes many years of experience in the construction industry and the inspection of residential properties.

It is essential you are not in inheriting the problems of others who may have avoided essential maintains, carried out unauthorised alterations and disregarded essential Building regulation and requirements, Government deregulation of the constructive industry has led to allowing poor workmanship, inappropriate methods of construction and the use of dis-functional components and services that have been installed within homes in recent years

These are numerous pitfalls prospective home buyers are likely to experience without first obtaining a per-purchase building inspection from a trained and qualified consultant. Being highly trained and qualified in the construction industry as well as attending pre-purchase building inspections over numerous years is of utmost importance.

NZ Certified Home Inspector from Auckland Building Inspections will prepare written reports to provide confidence and security for prospective home buyers as well as lending institutions advancing capital.

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