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Don’t take unnecessary risks when purchasing a home which is far most the largest and most important family asset. Ensure the home you intend to purchase has been professionally inspected by a fully trained and qualified consultant specializing solely in pre-purchase Building Inspections.

Contact us now on our free 0800 228 168  number for further information on how we can help you to ensure the home you have chosen is free of faults, product failures and poor workmanship

Auckland Building Inspections

Our written reports provide confidence and security for prospective home buyers as well as lending institutions advancing capital.

We look forward to your telephone call and have provided an 0800 228 168 number for your convenience. Once again we stress the importance of being forewarned of possible defects, product failures, moisture ingress, dis-functional components and services as well as inadequate maintenance and unacceptable wear and tear.

To ensure the home of your choice is unaffected in the manner described above we suggest you contact our hotline on 0800 228 168. We are available at a time convenient for you to discuss issues that may be of vital importance regarding the home you have selected to purchase.

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Auckland Building Inspection

0800 228 168

[email protected]

Mon – Fri: 9:00 – 18:00

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