Auckland Building Inspections Carefully inspect all accessible materials components and services many of which have been detailed below for your convenience.

Exterior of Building

Tick  Timber framing

Tick  Stains

Tick  Verandahs

Tick  Patios and decks

Tick  Deck and Bal-structures

Tick  Balconies

Tick  Chimneys

Tick  Eaves

Tick  Claddings

Tick  Walls and windows

Interior of Building

Extensive moisture testing in respect of the cladding system used in construction.

Tick  Walls

Tick  Flooring

Tick  Ceilings

Tick  Structural Components

Tick  Windows

Tick  Doors

Tick  WC

Tick  Ensile

Tick  Bathroom

Tick  Kitchen

Tick  Laundry

Roof Space

Tick  Roof Framing

Tick  Underlay

Tick  Insulation

Tick  Party walls

Tick  External vents

Roof Exterior

Tick  Roofing Materials

Tick  Flues

Tick  Valleys

Tick Hips and ridges

Tick  Skylights

Tick  Vents

Tick  Eaves

Tick  Fascia and barges

Tick  Gutters and downpipes

Sub Floor Space

Tick  Flooring Supports and Bracing

Tick  Insulation and ventilation

Tick  Under house drainage and Plumbing

Tick  Dampness

Tick  Height above ground, where concrete floors have been installed, regulated heights above ground level are essential

Exterior Areas

Tick  Fencing and Gates

Tick  Retaining Walls

Tick  Paths and Drives

Tick  Steps

Tick  Site Drainage

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